Buying the right property

Where Does it Start:

For purchasers looking for a property to buy, whether it's an investment or a home, you need to talk to people who understand the market, who have a history in selling in that market, and who will put the clients needs first and foremost, right up to moving in. We can even help beyond that with the additional services that we offer at Il Castello di Tara.

First of all we offer our research support, finding a range of properties to match the characteristics you are seeking, amongst our extensive sales listings, mainly in Umbria and nearby Tuscany, but also in other regions.

Once you have chosen the house you want to buy we guarantee our assistance through the Buying Process, right up to the final notary deed. We will help you by drawing up a preliminary sales contract and will supply you with notary assistance to facilitate and ease the bureaucracy inherent in buying a property anywhere.

At Il Castello di Tara we also offer legal consultancy and we carry out translations from English > Italian and from Italian > English in both certified and simple format. We also offer financial consultancy, to help you find the best economic solution should you need a mortgage for your purchase.

Importantly, we have specific technical assistance available thanks to our collaboration with a number of specialised technical services. Our technicians are experts in the field and will be able to assist you with any issues or possible problems of a town-planning and cadastral nature. We also have the experience and expertise to suggest or assist in any projects you may want to undertake for the house, such as reconfigurations, restorations, or just minor works that can help make your dream home come true!

So here are some tips we have gathered over the years and put together for buyers in this market.


Tara’s Top Buying Tips:

  • Make a wish-list of what you want in a home, but then be flexible! The successful buyers are those that don’t have tunnel vision and are willing to compromise.
  • If the home you like meets 85% of your wish-list – buy it! You will never find a home that gives you 100%; it takes some buyers years to come to terms with this truism.
  • Engage openly with your agent from the start, we really are trying to help! Buyers who develop a trusting relationship with their agent are usually the successful purchaser.
  • Don’t just hunt for bargain - properties that sit around for a long time usually do so for a reason – no one else wants them!
  • If you like a home – act fast and strong before competition begins to mount. Demonstrate your commitment and the vendor will want to sell to you.
  • Sitting on the fence and prevaricating gets you a fence – not a home.
  • Do your research well and ask the agent for comparable sales - a great agent is one that supplies this data freely.
  • Don’t try and compare different regions or even different areas, pricing is often quite specific to a particular place and/or time.
  • Lastly – try to have fun - it’s a great opportunity to look at some beautiful homes and get ideas on styling and design for your new purchase; you can learn something from anything if you have an open mind.


So why not have a look right now…. Find the right house.


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