Living in Umbria

The area

Umbria is a land rich in history and art - its natural landscape is of an incomparable beauty, for this reason the region is also known as the Green Heart of Italy. Its mystical atmospheres make it a territory of immense fascination and profound harmony. Not to mention its traditional cuisine with its strong flavours and a popular tradition of festivities and sagras, among the more exuberant in Italy.


Life in Umbria

Life in Umbria is peaceful, rich and balanced: the simplicity of the everyday happenings – pretty much based on agriculture – take on a Kairological pace (aligned with nature) rather than a Cronological one, and makes living here healthy and peaceful.

By no means is culture is left aside: Umbria is rich in art, museums, theatres, music, and poetry; (to be seen is the work of the famous painter Pietro Vannucci, the teacher of the even more famous Raphael, who has several paintings in the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria).

Just to think of few of the many events in the area – the very famous Umbria Jazz in Perugia,  which attracts top musicians from all over the world, the Trasimeno Blues festival, the EuroChocolate festival (Perugia houses one of the oldest chocolate factories in Europe - famous for its BACI Perugina chocolates), the Festival of the Two Worlds, famous for opera music in Spoleto... oh, ....and so much more.

This is why many people decide to live in Umbria: to regenerate and feel part of the territory, and its lovely friendly and authentic people.


An Umbria for everyone's needs

Umbria is a place that can satisfy everyone’s needs: art lovers, nature lovers, explorers, historians, musicians, artists, poets, or simply those who want to sit down to a good meal and an excellent glass of wine.

It is the ideal place to spend a holiday, but also a choice of life for those who decide to move here permanently, allowing the slow rhythms of life wrap around you… giving you a feeling of living, truly living.


Umbria, on the Tuscan border

The Umbria we know, we live and we propose, is on the border between Umbria and Tuscany: Val di Chiana, Lake Trasimeno, Cortona, Chiusi. Lake Trasimeno is the biggest lake in central Italy.

The Umbrian agriculture is renowned for its happy sunflowers, pungent tobacco, luscious vineyards and and hills dotted by infinite olive trees which gives Umbria its famous "Green Gold" – its excellent extra virgin olive oil!

Houses and properties are still economically viable, with more favourable prices than those in Tuscany, which is better known and can be inflated as a result.


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