The following is a summary of costs associated with purchasing property in Italy, if your circumstances are not covered here speak to us and we will determine costs for your specific case.


Buying a home

Purchase from a private party

The buyer pays the registration tax, mortgage tax and land registry taxes to the notary who, in turn, forwards them to the government Taxation Office at the time of registration.

Standard exchanges, in the absence of incentives

Registration tax 9%
Other taxes €230


First home buyers

Registration tax 2%
Other taxes €230

In both cases the rates apply, as a rule, on the fiscal value of the property which is calculated based on the fiscal returns – a value given by the state to each property. This value can be found on the official tax papers of the property, which we have in our files. So taxes aren't paid on the declared purchase price, but on its fiscal value. The minimum tax is €1,000


Purchase from a builder/renovator

Purchase from a firm of builders or renovators, except in particular circumstances, attracts VAT which is payable directly to the seller.

The VAT rate to be applied on the sale price will be:

  • 10% unless it is a first home purchase
  • 4% if “first home” assistance applies

The same tax treatment is applied to the allocation of houses to members of housing cooperatives. In the case of purchases subject to VAT, the taxes as above apply.

The percentages as above are calculated on the declared purchase price stated in the final deed, unlike when buying from a private party.


Purchase of land

The taxable base is the price of the property declared by the parties in the deed of conveyance.

Standard transfer of agricultural land

Registration tax 15%
Other taxes €230,00


Standard transfer of non-agricultural land /building land

Registration tax 9% on the value of the volume to be built + 15% on the value remaining of the land
Other taxes €230,00

Should the land be bought together with a house or subsequent to a purchase of a property for civil habitation and is in the same municipality as the house, then the taxes will be based on the fiscal value of the land as it would be considered of “pertinence” to the house – thus saving a substantial amount.



Notary Fees

Notary fees vary, but generally they are in the range of: €1.200 - €3.500



The standard commission is 3% + VAT

Note: Minimum commission: €1.500 (+ VAT)

For transparency purposes any negotiations on commissions will be agreed prior to the property search.


Additional Costs

Translation of the Final Deed
(payable to the translator)
Power of Attorney (PoA)
If the party is unable to attend the final deed (payable to the notary)
If a translation of the PoA is necessary
(payable to the translator)
Translations not relating to a sale
(marriage certificates, wills, death certificates, birth certificates, etc)
€25 per page;
Plus €50 if certified in court (traduzione giurato)
Residency registration
We can assist you through the “residenza” process should you require
€40 (European citizen)
€150 (Non-European citizen)


We also offer a range of Additional Services you may wish to consider.


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