Services for the vendor

At Il Castello di Tara we realise that any real estate transaction is carried out between a buyer and a seller (vendor), so we endeavour to treat each stakeholder with equal regard. And of course, without a willing vendor, there is nothing to sell!

So we clearly understand the importance of vendors, which is why we try and provide as much assistance as we can to anyone selling their home or property.  It is important to us to ensure the vendor has as much a positive experience in the estate transaction as any of the other parties.

So apart from offering our assistance in we also offer the following:

  • Property appraisals, and objective assessment of the value of your property in the current market conditions
  • Advice on the real estate market in general, e.g. the best times to sell, what other properties are achieving in the same area, how to maximise the property’s value, issues with over-capitalisation, etc.
  • Photographic service to achieve the best display of your principle asset
  • Interior design advice to maximise the property’s appeal to a broader range of buyers
  • Descriptions of properties in two languages (Italian and English), and any other language that may be specific to your sale
  • Free advertising and promotion on our web site and on the other real estate websites we use (Marketing)
  • Marketing through a wide network of local and international collaborating professionals
  • Negotiate with buyers to ensure we secure the right sale for you
  • A range of properties, should you wish to re-invest or purchase again, specifically tailored to your needs

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