Services for the buyer

At Immobiliare Il Castello di Tara we offer many housing or investment solutions for all types of estate in this beautiful region of Umbria.
Our properties for sale are from brand new to very old; from apartments to villas; from ruins to new projects; in the countryside to historic centres; either way we will give you concrete assistance in finding what you are looking for.

We offer a range of professional services that will assist you right through the purchase of the property: from the initial research until the final notary deed.

As a key player in any estate transaction, the buyer is as important to us as any of the stakeholders. The very nature of the transaction determines that buyers have a lot more involvement in the process, so it is key for us that you, the buyer, are aware of your requirements, once you decide to buy. And as experts in the field we can assist and guide you through the process as seamlessly as possible.

But before we get to all that, we offer the following services for potential buyers:

Firstly you should read Tara's Buying Tips.

We also offer the following:

  • A personalised property search tailored around your specific needs
  • We will arrange viewings to suit your schedule
  • Assistance and advice throughout the purchasing process
  • Assistance in negotiating the price of the property
  • Banking/mortgage assistance if its required
  • Assistance in opening a bank account and understanding Home Banking
  • Translation and Interpretation services during the sale

Post Purchase services:

  • Management of future letting of properties (fees apply)
  • Advice about the most appropriate professionals regarding restoration, building works and interior design. (fees may apply)
  • Property management – looking after your principle asset. (fees apply)
  • Service of Utility Management – after helping you put all utilities into your name (electricity, water, gas, rubbish, council..), we can help you organise direct debit, which we do for free for our clients – then we can make sure all your bills come directly to our head office so that nothing gets lost in the post – that way we can check all the utilities are regularly paid (unfortunately sometimes bills bounce due to problems to the various organisations, to lack of funds in bank accounts, or in general by Italian mysteries). That way we can scan and notify you if something hasn't been paid so as to avoid unpleasant surprises (like electricity been cut off when you get back) - (fees apply)
  • Service of Project Management during the phase of restoration or work on your property. Besides supplying you with various estimates for work needed on the house (plumbers, electricians, builders, surveyors), which we will do happily free of charge, we can also assist you through the more stressful part of the actual work. We can do daily/weekly progress checks to make sure everything is being done according to schedule, take photos and send them to you and keep you up to date with progress, make stage payments, etc. (fees apply)
  • IMU and TASI – property tax and council tax: in Italy you need some-one to calculate these two taxes, which are due to be paid in June and in December, for you- we can do this for you (fees apply)

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