Tara's Selling Tips

  1. It's important that the buyer can envisage his own belongings in the house - so minimalism is the key. Strong images, colours, photographs... should all be put away.
  2. Delight the senses: candles, lights, soft music, colourful flowers or freshly made bread or coffee have the effect of putting the potential buyer at ease, making him/her feel at home...which is what we want...
  3. If you have pets, rememeber not everyone loves them. It might be an idea to take them for a walk while the buyer is looking at your property.
  4. De-clutter... if you have decided to sell, start boxing those things you won't need for a while and get rid of all those other things you have been meaning to get rid of for years... The rooms will seem bigger if there is order and space..
  5. Marketing... Appoint an agent that understands marketing... you need to reach the right people as quickly as possible
  6. Be realistic with pricing: the selling price for your property is determined by the buyers, not by you or us. You can set an asking price, but in the end, the selling price is what the buyer is willing and able to pay.
  7. Good professional photos are a must – your property is on display for the world to see so you need to make it stand out from the pack. Sometimes it might be a good idea to pay a professional fotographer.
  8. When the agent brings clients to your home, it might be a good idea to go for a walk: the buyer needs to feel relaxed to wander around and be able to chat with the agent about his positive and negatives impressions, this is not easy if the owners are around.
  9. Keep up to date with how the market is going... see what is selling and what isn't... it may be an indicator to what you are doing right or wrong.
  10. Be patient but most of all be flexible ... Every home sells when the right buyer comes in at the right price... otherwise it may sit there for a while...



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